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Error instantiating servlet class com.vaadin.server.VaadinServlet with Vaadin 7

When using Vaadin plug-in with Eclipse and having Vaadin 7 application, you might stumble upon the somewhat cryptic error

Error instantiating servlet class com.vaadin.server.VaadinServlet

when trying to debug or run an application on a server (which was Tomcat in my case). Or the error is quite clear, that the servlet class cannot be found, but at least the reason is a bit harder.

The solution to this is to make sure the Ivy libraries are also included in the assembly that is deployed to the server. This you can do by right clicking your project and selecting

Syncing Nokia E55 Symbian S60v3 with Gmail contacts

My phone gave up and the circuit board of it had to be replaced by Nokia service. This resulted in loosing all unbackuped data from phone. (Needless to say, it was quite long since I'd made a backup.)

I've been syncing my Google Calendar to my Nokia E55 S60v3 phone for a while with Mail for Exchange and that works smoothly as long as you have on one Google Calendar to sync to. I thought I'd give it a try to sync my contacts to Gmail also, since I've already set up MfE.

First step was to backup everything both on the phone and exporting Gmail contacts.

Setup own Trac on Kapsi server

Short note how to setup your own Trac (0.11) on (where I run my services):
- cd ~
- mkdir trac
- trac-admin trac initenv
-- Fill in name
-- SQLite probably is enough
-- No VCS
-- No repo
- trac-admin trac deploy sites/
- cd sites/
- rm trac.cgi trac.wsgi
- chmod 755 trac.fcgi
- Browse to

Clean up URL
- cd sites/
- vim .htaccess
- Put this in the file:

RewriteEngine On

New desktop computer


Just recently I got time and some extra cash to upgrade my home desktop computer. My old one was bought back in 2003, so it was time to move along.

I had a budget around 1000€ and this did not include a screen, keyboard or mouse, but a color inkjet printer to our network was a must.

Vaadin 6.3 widget and GWT dev mode

Vaadin 6.3-pre1 is just around the corner, so I decided to give the package a try and make an own custom component which includes a client side widget. Then I'll do some debugging of the client side code.

Vaadin 6.3 includes GWT 2.0, so the old Vaadin 6.2 + GWT 1.7 way of using OOPHM does not work as is any more.

My environment is:
Mac OS X 10.5.8
Java 5 or 6
Firefox 3.5.8
Eclipse 3.5 Galileo
Vaadin Eclipse Plug-In (Experimental)
Tomcat 6.0.20

Step-by-step how I did it:

My favorite web comics

So, if you sit by the computer all day long you probably have developed some way to relax a couple of minutes every now and then. One of my relaxation methods is reading some web comics. Thanks to iGoogle it's really easy to gather almost all the comics on one page and get a quick glimpse on what's new. Since iGoogle handles RSS-feeds, you easily can read older strips if you happen to miss out on any.

So, this is my list in no particular order:

  • Through GoComics iGoogle gadget

Access Trac with certificate login from Eclipse using Mylyn's Trac connector

Just a quick scratch about how to access your Trac from Eclipse IDE by authenticating with certificates

1. Make sure the root certificate is found by JVM as a trusted certificate if you have your own.
Open this link and check the subject: "When I try to add my site to the task repositories, I get a Java error that says SSL Handshake failed. What do I do?"

2. Add the following lines to eclipse.ini

Mollom to the rescue!

The day came when Awstats reported 300 visits / day and Google Analytics reported just a couple of visits / day. So, what's happening? Well, not much except for the 3000 comments on There sure are lots of people interested in Eclipse variables...

I removed the spam with DB queries directly, since Drupal's default interface for removing comments is quite ineffective for large quantities. The next day, again, the comments were flooded with spam.

Shai Agassis's TED talk on electric cars

This is a great and inspiring talk about electric cars and how to deploy the infrastructure to get a working business model. The former SAP President and current electric vechicle evangelist Shai Agassi sure has the charisma and brain to give an inspiring speach!

Hope to see more talks like this in the future. It would be nice to know if anyone has given an equivalent talk about cold (Nordic) environments, where batteries are not as durable as down in the warm south.

Check it out, you'll not regret investing 19 minutes of your life into it.

Backup prefixed tables in MySQL without PHP

Just a quick note which took me some time and advice asking to find out. I have a database with two drupal installations separated by a table prefix, say drupal1_ and drupal2_. Lets call my database simply myDB.

If I'd like to backup only certain tables to an SQL file using mysqldump, I'd have to list all the table names separately. This is not nice at least since module installations and upgrades might add prefixed tables to the database dynamically over time. The other catch is that I want to do this without PHP.

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