Moving to Jekyll!

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I have been running this site on top of Drupal, because I felt that platform would be awesome to build something on top of. That feeling hasn’t changed, but what has changed is that I’m not that much actively building anything here. I might occasionally write a blog post or so, but all the grand plans I had for the site are on hold since I have other things to do in my life at the moment.

The issue with drupal is that I’m forced to update the underlying CMS quite often since it’s a quite popular platform, also among hackers, which gets security patches. So my options at this point was to either upgrade my Drupal 6 installation to 7 or upcoming 8 or then find something else. I chose the last option.

So I’ve decided to use Jekyll as the basis for the new site. Jekyll uses a specific folder structure where the content relies and generates a static web page from there. Hooray! This means that I have no dynamic CMS under the hood which needs to be updated and thus be more relaxed about stuff here. The only really dynamic part I had in the Drupal-site was the comments. Now I’m moving to Disqus like all the hip guys, so the old comments are lost. Not that there were too many of them anyway.s

A couple of technical notes.

  • Installing Jekyll using some Ruby-things was a breeze. It involves gems and bundles and other such things I don’t quite grasp yet.
  • Importing my existing blog posts straight from the MySQL database was also a no-brainer
  • To up my hipster score I ended up using a theme called HPSTR. It required me to install this bundles thing and manually copy some stuff from the template to make pages fancy, but this also was quite trivial in the end. It also included Google Analytics stuff, Disqus and responsive layout out of the box, so it was perfect for me.

So here it is, the new page. If you notice some weirdness or things not working or if you, good heavens, should be missing some of the old content, please comment below. The commenting might even work.

Now only if I’d manage to somehow get this published…

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