Mollom to the rescue!

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The day came when Awstats reported 300 visits / day and Google Analytics reported just a couple of visits / day. So, what’s happening? Well, not much except for the 3000 comments on There sure are lots of people interested in Eclipse variables…

I removed the spam with DB queries directly, since Drupal’s default interface for removing comments is quite ineffective for large quantities. The next day, again, the comments were flooded with spam.

I had read somewhere about Mollom which fights spam and decided to give it a try. 1. Download Mollom module for Drupal. 2. Register to Mollom website and get you keys for the site. (Unfortunately I don’t exceed the 100 legitimate posts / day and thus I’m not forced to pay for the service.) 3. Configure Mollom module in Drupal by adding the keys. Save.

Tadaa! Works like a charm! Noticed that if I write a short anonymous comment it might also get filtered as spam, but if you put some more content in the comment, at least my tests got through alright.

Statistics on my Mollom site report states that “Mollom blocked 969 spam attempts the past 5 days.” Sounds fair when comparing my Awstats and Google analytics reports from the last few days. All I have to say about that is: Thank you. Now back to my rainy vacation.

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