Syncing Nokia E55 Symbian S60v3 with Gmail contacts

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My phone gave up and the circuit board of it had to be replaced by Nokia service. This resulted in loosing all unbackuped data from phone. (Needless to say, it was quite long since I’d made a backup.)

I’ve been syncing my Google Calendar to my Nokia E55 S60v3 phone for a while with Mail for Exchange and that works smoothly as long as you have on one Google Calendar to sync to. I thought I’d give it a try to sync my contacts to Gmail also, since I’ve already set up MfE.

First step was to backup everything both on the phone and exporting Gmail contacts.

Then setup the MfE as kind Googlers have described here.

Then I just choose to fetch contacts and erase phone info in case of conflicts.

Result? It wasn’t a first sync, it was more erase and fetch. That is all my phone contacts were lost. Great.

Restore contacts from backup to phone. Gmail imports CSV files with contacts, but Nokia Ovi Suite 2 does not provide CSV export of contacts (!!). Luckily I had Nokia PC Suite installed also, so exporting my contacts as CSV file and importing to Gmail. After some merging I had a nice list of contacts that felt right.

Redoing the “erase and fetch” first sync with Gmail did get me a nice list of contacts indeed. Some weird things happening with multiple phone number contacts and company only contacts, but otherwise ok.

After some manual debugging and re-syncs, I figured out the following caveats:

  • work fax numbers sync ok
  • if you have both home and work numbers, home must come before work for both to show up
  • numbers of type "other" will not show up in Nokia. All those that were of type "work mobile", "home mobile", etc belongs to this category
  • if you have numbers of type mobile alone they work, but if added home or work numbers to same contact, they work not so well
  • if you have two of the same type of number (mobile, work, home) only one shows up
  • two untyped email addresses sync to one "email" and one "work email"
  • one "other" email and two "home emails" become email + email home + email work in sync

This leads to some confusions. To be (quite) sure about syncing working properly, use only work and home type numbers and mobile type only if no other numbers present for contact. What to do if there are 2+ numbers for a contact, I have no idea at the moment.

Hopefully this will help someone who’s struggling with Gmail and Nokia contact syncing.

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