Setup of Orbeon Forms with JBoss Portal

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This is a quick note on how to get Orbeon Forms 3.7.0beta nightly running on JBoss Portal 2.7.1 bundled with JBoss AS. These instructions seems to missing in the Orbeon docs. 1. First setup and run the portal normally and check that you get the portal first page ok at http://localhost:8080/portal

  1. Get the orbeon WAR (I got some nightly of January 2009 of the 3.7.0 version) and add the following files to WEB-INF:
    • portlet-instances.xml <!DOCTYPE deployments PUBLIC "-//JBoss Portal//DTD Portlet Instances 2.6//EN" "">
OrbeonPortletInstance OrbeonFormsPortlet


  • orbeon-object.xml <!DOCTYPE deployments PUBLIC "-//JBoss Portal//DTD Portal Object 2.6//EN" "">
default.default overwrite Orbeon Forms portlet OrbeonPortletInstance center 1


  • jboss-portlet.xml

</code> 3. In my case I had to uncomment the following in the web.xml, since the resource was present in jboss-web.xml file:

</resource-ref>  </code> 4. Deploy modified WAR to $JBOSS_PORTAL_DIR/server/default/deploy
  1. The deployer should automatically deploy the WAR and if you refresh the first page on the portal, you will see that the orbeon portlet view has appeared on the page. Check the terminal or logs for issues during deployment if you have some problems.

NOTE: This is just me testing if it Orbeon works on JBoss Portal so no guarantees are given. Hopefully this’ll give someone a nudge at the right direction, though.

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